TENSION_TENSIONASIA_Envelope_ Optical_Lens Envelope_packaging_automation

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TENSION_TENSIONASIA_Envelope_ Optical_Lens Envelope_packaging_automation

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    Double Window Envelopes

    Bright window design, increase the visibility of the internal mail, with high speed browsing performance;

    Custom and unusual shapes can be designed;

    Usually choose double adhesive paper, coated paper or add special process;

    Colorful and multi-arts creative activity design, need all kinds of windowing envelope stimulation with your series of actions. Polygon envelope displays Windows in traditional shapes and sizes, as well as tailored glamour;

    Place colorful artwork and clever text in a Tension display window envelope to appeal to your target group. With thousands of direct marketing advertisers tested and proven, display Windows can make regular mail a super producer;

    Well-designed Windows allow your promotions to shine;

    Multiple Windows on the front and back add an extra attraction;