TENSION_TENSIONASIA_Envelope_ Optical_Lens Envelope_packaging_automation

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TENSION_TENSIONASIA_Envelope_ Optical_Lens Envelope_packaging_automation

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    Sustainable & Recycled Paper Envelopes


    In order to meet the consumers' concept of environmental protection consumption and establish the company's green image, Shaoxing Xingde Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd. has passed the FSC forest environmental protection certification in 2011, which means that the company has obtained the "pass" to enter the international high-end market.

    Patent No.:BV-COC-018278

    Multiple printing options;

    Various sizes and designs;

    Customizable or pre-designed;

    Adhere to customer brand standards;

    Unparalleled quality and price;

    Rich visual effects;

    Enhance corporate image, make your commitment to environmental protection;